Agile Fitness Japan

Inspire & Educate

Our objective is to make sure you start and to follow through. We will work on your goals together and customize the workouts just right for you,

Progress = Motivation

And the last part of the whole journey is for you to grow and use it to break self doubt, fear and other things you set in your mind prior to starting this journey.

Natural Bodybuilding

This is one belief that Agile Fitness Japan is trying to shatter and prove that it's possible. A lot of people are competing and creating an awesome physique without using enhancing drugs.

Agile Fitness Concept





Jay Pena has been working in the IT industry for more than 25 years for Japanese & US companies as well as startups where he was able to expand his network globally and handle projects in the realm of AI, data analytics, IoT and even on sports. Originally from the Philippines, he came to Japan 12 years ago and focused on careers on product development, project management, and agile coaching.

Realizing that technical knowledge alone was not enough to bring bold ideas into the market, he pursued an MBA degree at Globis University,

However, he has never really abandoned his love for fitness and despite having a busy

schedule, at 37 yrs of age, he joined his first bodybuilding competition in Japan and won without the use of any illegal drugs.

This has motivated him and started on his journey to educate, inspire and help people achieve their health & fitness goals.

"Yes you can still eat delicious food, yes you can train even at the age 40, yes you build a great body naturally so be the best that you can be and enjoy the process"